Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A few days ago, I was talking to my professor Gideon Burton about my project and ideas regarding how the multiplicity of identity online lends itself to the creation of a more unified sense of self in the offline world. Dr. Burton referred me to a series of three blogs by James Goldberg, a graduate student at BYU: Caucajewmexdian, Mormon Midrashim, and My Life and Hard Times. I took a look, and there was some interesting stuff and wonderful writing. So, I asked James a few questions. He not only commented on my blog, he wrote a whole post detailing a few of the limitations of my metaphor comparing ethnic minority identity and online identity. Check it out!

The more I blog, the more I am just very pleased with the capabilities of this wonderful digital world we live in. How amazing that two people, who never would have met in "real life," are now able to collaborate and discuss these ideas with each other.

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  1. Heather! Great job on connecting with such a cool writer! I read his post as well as your reply and it's a great back-and-forth. I remember you saying in class it seems like he wanted to write this and your question was a convenient excuse...well if he's interested in this maybe you could ask him to refer you to other bloggers who are interested in the same topic!? It would be a good way to network, not just asking a question, but saying "James referred me to your blog" get with that personal side we're forever hearing about in class ; ) just a thought! You're a great blogger! I hope you keep this up, I'm a fan!